Metal Centralizers

Solid Steel Straight and Spiral STAND-OFF™ Slip-on Casing Centralizers

 The Solid Steel Slip-On Casing Centralizers are designed and manufactured to endure most
present and future wellbore contours and depths. The Solid Steel Casing Centralizers are designed equally to the successful Solid Aluminum Centralizers and manufactured by using seamless tubular steel as the body, and steel bar stock for the blades. The spiral blades are precisely contoured to the curvature of the body to allow maximum blade contact with the wellbore. The width of the blades is designed to give the best wellbore support without knifing into the wellbore side and still have good fluid passage. Blades are certified welded.

Solutions are at hand; contact a Ray Oil Tool representative for the most advanced casing centralizer technology. 

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