Solid Centralizers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ray Oil Tool Co., Inc. is the innovator of the Solid Blade “Stand-Off” Centralizer. Poor primary cementing had been a costly incurable oilfield problem caused by inadequate side.This mythical mud channel created pipe movements, mud sweeps, increased pump rates, and thousands of casing hardware gimmicks, even casing cleaning and/or coatings. The channel existed only because the casing was lying against the wellbore. Ray Oil Tool Company designed the solid body casing centralizer after discovering the need to improve casing/wellbore standoff. We stock a complete line of solid blade “slip-on” centralizers, including straight blade, spiral blade, and our newest “Low Friction” slip-on’s for maximum horizontal reach. A computerized solid casing centralizer program is available from Ray Oil Tool Co. to achieve the best primary cementing for casing shoe seats and productive formations.

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